Strength and Endurance Training For Your Marriage

Our Passion for "Happily Ever After"

We want to help your story maintain healthy growth and lifelong success! Our counseling options cover sex, money, gender roles, communication, children, chores, etc. 

We also enjoy providing support in family and or adolescent counseling or individual assistance.

Programs We Offer


SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) is an online tool that allows couples to log on individually and take an assessment. The assessment has many questions about personality, upbringing, attitudes towards money, sex, and much, much more. Our Founder, CEO, and Coach Anthony Montana will go through your online assessment results with you and yours. He has worked with doctors, athletes, lawyers, and world famous musicians using this program to strengthen marriages and relationships. Schedule your SYMBIS sessions today!

And More!

Our certified coaches are here for you in every stage of life. Whether you need assistance with your relationships, finding purpose and meaning in your life, or transitioning after big changes or life events, there’s someone at Better Together for you.


The Perfect Counselor and Officiant


“My wife and I had talked about doing premarital counseling and decided that Better Together was the right fit when we heard about the SYMBIS program they offered. They were full of positive energy and ideas during our premarital counseling and made it very easy to share personal details and make a true positive impact on our understanding of each other.”

-T.J. Z.

So Thankful for Better Together


“We did the Symbis exercise and spent quite a bit of time prior to our wedding with them. It was really special as we got to talk things out and they got to learn about us as well. We would highly recommend a package that includes this service.”

-Beth B.

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